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Part 2 #10-#1 This week Jeff and Cory welcome back improv Comedian and Casting Director Lindsay Brooks to the show to help compile an ultimate top 20 list of the Best Rom-Coms of modern cinema. We recap the bottom 10, Jeff is still but hurt over Bull Durham not making the list, Cory has a […]

Part 1 #20-#11 This week Jeff and Cory welcome improv Comedian and Casting Director Lindsay Brooks to the show to help compile an ultimate top 20 list of the Best Rom-Coms of modern cinema. We talk a little comedy, discuss her involvement in the national touring production of The Office: A musical Parody, come to […]

1981 Best Picture Part 2 This week our hosts, Jeff and Cory, press into the issue of which movie should have bested Ordinary People at the 1981 Academy Awards. After trying to explain their metric, they dive deep into the nominees and (most of) the alternates chosen last week with our guest host. Did David […]

1981 Best Picture Part 1 with Cassie Fetto This week Al takes our hosts to the dawn of the 80s cinema, to a tumultuous time when volcanos were erupting, presidents were being shot, and the Oscars were held on a Tuesday. Jeff and Cory welcome guest Cassie Fetto (Fettoccine Alfredo Podcast) to the program. We […]

1991 Best Picture Part 2 This week we conclude our trip to 1991s Academy Awards and decide which film should have won for Best Picture. We’ll take you through our metric and break down the scores for all the nominees plus our alternate, Edward Scissorhands, to see if any of 1990’s best can dethrone Dances […]

1991 Best Picture Part 1 Welcome back, Switches, to season 2 of Switch the Envelope! We put on a new coat of paint and gave Al an upgrade for a whole new batch of Oscar switching. This week Al sends our fearless duo to the year 1991 to find out if Kevin Costner’s epic directorial […]

Top 10 Movies of Tom Cruise This week Cory and Jeff help settle a fan’s marital dispute over our favorite Kevin Costner movie by not settling it at all. Instead, our hosts ramp up the puns and help settle a fight that couple hasn’t even had yet. That’s right, Jeff and Cory take a hard […]

2011 Best Picture Part 2 Welcome to Part 2 of our episode covering the Best Picture category of the 2011 Academy Awards. Before our hosts dive into the nominees, they discuss the clash between new media like Netflix and the Academy. They return to the original tried and true rating metric to determine if there […]

2011 Best Picture Part 1 This week Al sends our hosts to a year when Ke$ha topped the music charts, Cory’s birthday twin, Aaron Rogers, won a big sports game, and Wikileaks destroyed what little faith we had in our government. The 2011 Academy Awards gave us a safe winner starring Colin Firth when so […]

1987 Best Director Part 2 On this episode we get to the thrilling conclusion of our first Best Director Category. 1987’s Best Director award went to Oliver Stone, but a year that was packed with great movies and directors makes for some tight competition. Our hosts review the nominees and their alternates before taking us […]

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