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American Beauty vs. The Sixth Sense vs. Fight Club This week Super Time Computer Al sends our hosts to a year when there was an impeachment of a President, a school shooting rocked the country, and a viral web campaign was passing off fiction as truth. Clearly so much has changed since 1999. Along the […]

Crash v Brokeback Mountain v Good Night, and Good Luck This week Al takes our hosts to a time when Vice Presidents were shooting people in the face, Michael Jackson was found to have not touched those kids, and Crash became the least decorated Academy movie since Rocky to win Best Picture. That’s right, 2005-2006. […]

Driving Miss Daisy vs. Glory Hosts Jeff and Cory analyze the 1990 Academy Award nominees for Best Picure and decide if Driving Miss Daisy should have beat fellow nominees, Dead Poets Society, Field of Dreams, Born on the Fourth of July, and My Left Foot. And…why were Glory and Do the Right Thing, snubbed.

Forrest Gump  vs. Pulp Fiction vs. The Shawshank Redemption This week, in the inaugural episode, our hosts debate the 1995 Best picture nominees. Along the way they find out how Bruce Willis really made his money in the 90s, discover how easy it is to chisel your way out of prison, appreciate the boom of […]

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